CHIC MARKET of SECOND HAND CLOTHES “C2C” In Zurich (Switzerland)

armoire chic market B&WCHIC MARKET SECOND HAND CLOTHES, BAGS AND SHOES “C2C” IN ZURICH (SWITZERLAND) – Exclusively female with no age limit and all ranges of prices.


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This month of April, « L’armoire – Chic Market » invites you to another of its Switzerland fashion-responsible’s event. You will discover a different shopping philosophy. Fashionista and shopping lovers, do not miss that Chic Market!

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Q: WANT TO SIGN-UP AS A SELLER at « L’armoire – Chic Market »?
° Like our philosophy and participate as a vendor (no age limit).
° Send us by email your photos with quantity and brands of the clothes for sale, to the following e-mail address:

Being a seller at the « L’armoire – Chic Market » has a little fees (CHF 30 rental space + materials for exposure). Meanwhile, the entrance for visitors is FREE.

All vendors (sellers) will be selected, ensuring the quality of the event and products for sale. Used only Products sold by individuals (C2C).

For more information, feel free to send us an e-mail to

« L’armoire – Chic Market » Team

PS: You can see some of our sellers’ items “Mademoiselle Julie

NB: If you feel better or if you need help, we can also make an appointment at home. In all the cases, we require your presence at the event.


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