Bling Jewels Collection by Rupa Chheda

“Every woman deserves a little bling in their life” said Rupa Chheda launching Bling Jewels Collection of fancy Costume Jewellery and catering to worldwide customers.

Rupa Chheda - Jewellery designer
Rupa Chheda – Jewellery designer

Recently discovered that jewellery brand, I got fascinated by the master pieces ethnic collection of the designer Rupa Cheda.

Rupa Chheda and her sister in law who lives in India have been selling Art jewellery on various Indian portals for the last 10 years. They cater to international clients via Ebay and Facebook running under the brand name “Bling Jewels Collections“.

Rupa Cheda - Bling Jewels CollectionGraduated from Fashion Designing, Rupa has always been very interested in fashion. Her flair for Jewelry combining by her eye for Designer Ethnic Indian jewellery got her into Fashion business. Balancing home and work became easier when selling products online as they are their own masters and no one to boss around.

Why did you get into the fashion industry?

We have been into selling art jewelry worldwide and satisfied a vast database of international clients previously under the brand name Aria Jewels. We offer a wide range of imitation jewellery majorly Fashion jewelry, Costume jewelry, Indian traditional jewelry which includes Jewelry sets, Bangles, Earrings and all bridal accessories at reasonable prices and specialize in American diamond jewelry and offer them for exports.


Rupa Cheda - Bling Jewels CollectionAs creative person can you share with our lectors your source of inspiration?

Passion and  penchant for designer jewelry got us into fashion industry. My motive is to cater unique jewelry and apparels to my clients and offer them a huge variety in Indian ethnic jewelry and apparels at reasonable prices.


Rupa Cheda - Bling Jewels Collection 3How did you start your business?

If was difficult for both of us to go out and work since our kids were very young at that time. My sister in law in India used to take tuitions for kids and earn money at home. My brother was already selling electronic items online. He saw her hard work and devotion towards kids and inspired her to join him instead and expand his business. Since Electronics was not her forte, we got together and decided to branch out to sell jewellery and apparels.


Rupa Cheda - Bling Jewels Collection 4Is this your first business? Do you have any other brand?

Yes this is my first business and we run under the name Bling jewels Collection. It took us almost 5 years to establish our brand online. 


What makes your brand/products/services stand out from the rest?

Our products are unique with assured quality at reasonable prices. Customer satisfaction is our prime motto and our database of clients include rural, urban India as well as across the globe, people buying from USA, CANADA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand etc.

Rupa Cheda - Bling Jewels Collection 5What was the most difficult part of starting this type of business?

Managing finance was a difficult part for my business as each business required funding and to start off, We had limitations in terms of funds. But since it was online business, we could source it back to back and pay off the creditors. Thanks to our dealers who kept faith in us and allowed credit purchases.


What are your expectations for the future?

We wish to cater to even bigger clientele in terms of volumes and number of people and make Indian ethnic jewelry a part of every wardrobe across the globe.

Recently discovered that jewellery brand, I got fascinated by the ethnic master pieces collection of the designer Rupa Cheda. Contact:

“Bling Jewels Collections” by Rupa Chheda

M: +41 76 729 8685



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