Ethical Fashion | Be Alpaca


Be ALPACA was created as a brand that wants to introduce textiles and handicrafts of Peru. Produced in Peru, in the rural zones of Huancavelica, Cuzco, Cajamarca and Piura. Most of BE ALPACA products are handcrafted and handmade.

Through BE ALPACA, you cand iscover the best Peruvian products, the benefits of alpaca, vicuña and cotton.
As ethical fashion brand, BE ALPACA helps the economic and social development of indigenous communities in Peru.


BE ALPACA doesn´t only sell high quality wool. BE ALPACA want to sell you a piece of dream and brings Peru at your home. Discover an ethical fashion brand – Collections: Eco-fashion Knitwear, Ponchos & Accessories.


Company| Brand: BE ALPACA
Designer: Patricia Argüelles
URL:Be Alpaca – Shop online 


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